The Firm

De Rosa Studio Legale e Tributario (De Rosa Law and Tax Firm, hereinafter referred to as the “Firm”) was established in September 2004 by lawyer Alessandro De Rosa, with a group of professionals with extensive experience in major international and national law firms.
The Firm has grown exponentially over recent years and now includes about sixty associates.
It has carved out an important space for itself in its market.
The Firm’s team of attorneys and tax advisors works on behalf of a diverse range of important clients with successful operations. With their extensive experience, the Firm’s professionals can better understand the distinctive characteristics of clients and provide consulting services based on a solid knowledge of legal aspects and market conditions, with the goal of meeting the customer’s specific needs and going beyond the traditional attorney-client relationship. The Firm’s primary objective is in fact to adapt its services to market demands, acting exclusively in the interests of each client by offering customized solutions that integrate legal, regulatory, and fiscal issues, without ever losing sight of their fundamental reasons for doing business.
Thus, the Firm’s priority is direct involvement during strategic planning and the decision-making process. 
With this in mind, over the years the Firm has created a strong relationship with its customers, offering a professional response to a market which increasingly demands interactive professional resources.
The Firm generally dedicates a vertically-structured work team to its clients, which ensures trust, continuity and a full understanding of the client’s real needs. 
The Firm uses a network of international assistants with an effective and vigorous presence in major countries, including the United States, Russia, England, and China.
In addition, over recent years the Firm has developed a network of professional relationships in emerging countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Romania, and Montenegro.

This history, marked by innovation, a broad and flexible structure, a complete range of services, and a commitment to research and staying up-to-date, demonstrate how Studio Legale e Tributario De Rosa has consolidated and developed its position in both national and international markets, constantly expanding its structure and the type of services offered to its clients.